Following are the points to be used for mill automation:-


The Automatic Cane Feeding System for sugar mills is intended to eliminate the chances of cane choking in the Cane Cutters, Shredder, and the Donnelly Chute of First Mill, occurring because of human error and excessive feeding at wrong times.The system would monitor the critical choking points and slow down the feeding levels if a choke is beginning to develop. At other times it would allow maximum feeding, hence raising the overall crushing rate. Continuous monitoring of the choking points would minimize the need for sudden starts and stops of the feeding conveyors and maintain an almost constant crushing rate. This results in a better steam consumption and steam pressure control at the Boiler House.


Increase in addition of Imbibition water no doubt improves the Mill extraction, but more addition of Imbibition water will lead to increased steam consumption at evaporator station, which is very expensive in the present day of energy conservation.The load and speed of penultimate Mill is monitored and Imbibition water is applied in proportion to the load on the Mill either by varying the speed of Imbibition water pump by VFD or by regulating the control valve provided in the Imbibition water line.



For good production of sugar it is necessary to maintain and supply of juice in a good proportion to the boiling house. With the help of juice flow stabilization we not  only maintain juice flow rate ,but also  totalize  the juice.


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