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About Instrusys!

Instrusys was formed in 2008 in Pune, Maharashtra. Our goal is to work with customers to analyze and implement innovative ideas & industry best practices for our client’s process control needs, providing Instrumentation, Electrical, and Process Control solutions.Our endevour has been, and continues to be, on providing high quality work by utilizing our expertise and knowledge. Since our inception we have provided solutions to many customers and earned their trust through our commitment and our dedication while keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing Control System technologies.

Instrusys can provide the foundation of your future success by keeping yourself ahead of the competition. As an independent company, we know our success depends totally on how we serve you and business objectives.

If you are looking out for a reliable and trusted  partner that provides high quality at lower costs…Please contact us at:

Products & Services

  • Steam Engineering

    • Pressure reducing systems (PRS)
    • In-line desuperheating systems (DSH)
    • Vessel desuperheating systems
    • Pressure vessel for various pressure applications
    • Dearator tower
    • Feed tank & storage tank
    • Flash steam & condensate recovery systems
    • Flash vessel
    • All types of piping IBR & Non-IBR
    • Heat Exchanger
    • Moisture Separator
    • Distribution Header
    • Live steam exhaust & vapours steam balancing systems

  • Automation and Instrumentation

    • Boiler control using PLC SCADA, DCS systems automation
    • All types of field instrument include control valve, power cylinder, DPT, PT, temperature sensor, RPM sensor
    • All type of control panel for various application
    • Mill automation
    • All type of flow meter i.e. mass flow, mac flow, vertex flow
    • Processes automation using PLC, DCS system
    • Centrifugal machine control panel
    • ID fan control & FD fan control
    • Fuel feeder control, RBC control
    • Auto cane feeding control
    • Milling control of sugar mill(for AC drive mill)
    • VFD for slip ring motor i.e. fiabarizer for sugar industries
    • Juice flow stabilization using vfd in sugar Ind.
    • Imbibitions control
    • Three element drum level control
    • Dearator level control

  • Electrical

    • PCC panel for plant power distribution
    • All type of MCC panel
    • All type of control panel
    • All type of synchronizing panel
    • Soft starter for heavy rating motor starter application
    • Alternator Control Panel
    • Turbine Control Panel